Finsys is currently the ERP Software chosen by highest number of the  Corrugation Plants in India. We are happy to announce that we are serving as many as 72 Corrugated Box Manufacturing plants currently. This includes about 50 plus Automatic plants, and a big 22 number of Semi Automatic Plants.

We have successful Client at Pondicherry, Sriperumbudoor, Chennai, Chittoor, Vellore, Coimbatore, Baddi, Poanta sahib, Nalagarh, Solan, Chandigarh, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Silvassa, (Dadra and Nagar Haveli),Vapi, Ahmedabad, Vadodhara(Gujarat), Rudrapur(Uttarakhand), Khapoli (nr Mumbai, Maharashtra), NCR Delhi, Palwal, Prithla, Bahadurgarh, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, Peethampur (Indore), Hyderabad, Telangana, Andra Pradesh, and so on.

ERP for Corrugation Packaging Industry

All three Customised versions available


Semi Automatic

Mainly Manual

It is a Pleasure meeting our customers and potential customers, the doyens of Indian Corrugation Packaging Industry every year at India Corr Expo, in Delhi/Mumbai ( 2013 to 2017). See you at Mumbai 7 to 9 Sept, 2018, at the next edition.

Also at Sino Corrugated, Shanghai 10-14 April 2017. 





Do you know that we are regularly covered by the international Print and Electronic Media

Why did you make the purchase?

After our previous experiences with ERPs, we wanted to have a system that would take care of all the aspects of our business. I think Finsys fits the bill. When you have one system looking after all the processes, you are able to extract the gist and the right intelligence that a managing director needs to make decisions.

Essential Features In The System

Facilitates live reporting. This helps analyse key parameters

Manages all taxations such as excise, VAT, etc., flawlessly

Works on mobile platforms, both Android as well as iOS.

International Print and Electronic Media

R Vijayraman, director at Nithya Packaging, said, “After thorough evaluation of more than 12 ERP solutions of vendors including those from Singapore, Germany and UK, we found that Finsys meets the necessities of corrugated packaging industry.”

The New Delhi-based ERP specialist, Finsys Infotech marked its presence at Printex 2014 held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon Mumbai with live demonstrations of its ERP solutions for packaging and corrugation segments as well as commer…

Printex is the flagship show of the Maharashtra Mudran Parishad (MMP). In addition to reaching to the print industry in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, the show is expected to raise funds for its training and education programs. According to PrintWeek India, the focus…

Introducing the ‘artificially intelligent’ business application software for the first time in India, Finsys’s director, Sangeet Gupta said, “Our new ERP can do a physical verification of kraft paper reels in the godown, directly with a regular mobile scan on barcode…

ERP has a huge market because everybody is now graduating from mere accounting packages to integrated ERPs. Every packaging company who wants to make its mark will have to go to some ERP company – and it is best to go to a specialist than to a generalist,” says Sangeet Kumar Gupta, director at Finsys Infotech. June 10, 2014.

By- Mahan Hazarika more details at:-

We also met some of you at the Printex 2014

Corrugation Printing and Packaging ERP

Finsys is proud to be associated with a lot of companies in the business of Manufacture of the various varieties of Corrugated Boxes, Corrugated Rolls, and Printed Corrugated Cartons. This includes both Manual Corrugation Units and Fully Automatic Corrugation Plants. Processes are adapted for double wall, triple wall and quad Wall Boxes/sheets.

Powerpoint 14- Purchase to Payment Cycle

You can see the LIVE Demo of the ERP Software right here, must see these links below

1.  Purchase Indent Creation

File Size- (4.2 MB)

2.  Purchase Order Creation

File Size- (4.2 MB)

3.  PO Checking and Approval

File Size- (4.2 MB)

4. Gate Entry, at Main Gate

File Size- (4.2 MB)

5. Reel Store – Reel wise Entry

File Size- (4.2 MB)

6. Quality Check

File Size- (4.2 MB)

7. Accounting Voucher

File Size- (4.2 MB)

Manual 13- Sales order to Purchase to Production to Invoice Cycle

Part 1 : Sales Module

File Size- (4.2 MB)

2. Part 2 : Process Sheet and Job Card

File Size- (4.2 MB)

3. Part 3 : Purchase Module

File Size- (4.2 MB)

4. Part 4 : Gate Entry and MRR 

File Size- (4.2 MB)

5. Part 5 : Quality Control

File Size- (4.2 MB)

6. Part 6 : Issue of Kraft Paper to Floor

File Size- (4.2 MB)

7. Part 7 : Production and PPC

File Size- (4.2 MB)

Note : Manual Corrugation, ERP is similar in all aspects except the Job Card

File Size- (4.2 MB)

10. Manual Plant – Job Card for 3ply Corrugation ( with first layer on offset)   JobCard_3ply_Manual_Corrugation

File Size- (4.2 MB)

For More Manuals

1.  Finsys Corrugator Company Profile 

File Size- (4.2 MB)

2. Powerpoint for the Corrugation, Duplex, Flexible, Lamitube, Commercial Printing and Book Publishing Businesses

File Size- (4.2 MB)

3. 001 Costing Decision based on paper selected in Process Sheet

File Size- (4.2 MB)

4. 002 Costing while making the job card ( day to day activity )

File Size- (4.2 MB)

5. 003 Demo Excel output of Cost sheet based on Job Card

File Size- (4.2 MB)

6. Stage wise WIP – Work in Progress – *** Columnar

File Size- (4.2 MB)

7. Stage wise WIP – Work in Progress – *** with Priorities

File Size- (4.2 MB)

8. DPR -daily production Report–for Corrugator,die punching, flexo, Heidelberg, etc

File Size- (4.2 MB)

Marketing and Production

Detailed Marketing Order giving exhaustive details on the materials GSM, Layer wise, Thickness, Ink, Adh, Overheads, cylinder details. Sample order, Repeat, Correction and New order can be fed.

Dynamic Calculation of Material Input quantities, Width, Length for all Raw materials, Set up parameters, Order Contribution analysis for fast track profitability comparisons between Periods /Jobs / Sales Personnel /Branches /Buyers etc.

Materials Indenting based on BOM

Materials Indenting based on BOM (Auto calculate) and Scheduling of Jobs for Duplex Board/Printing /Lamination etc.

Detailed Work Order Instructions

Detailed Work Order Instructions and specs and its online access at the Production Machines. Process Route attachment with WO.

Traceability of consumed and manufactured reels

Traceability of consumed and manufactured reels right from RM issue from store to semi-finished reels produced b/w all sections.

System caters for all kinds of Lamination

Solvent less, Solvent base, Extrusion.
Wastage, QC, Productivity , WIP Analysis for all sections of Printing , Inspections , Laminations, Slitting , Pouches etc.

Detailed Job Cards along with costing analysis

RM, Ink, Adh, Cylinder Costing, Overheads etc. Movement Tracking of all Jobs into various sections of Printing /Lamination, Inspection , Slitting sections.

Net Wt/Gross Wt. Packing List preparation

Roll Wise sticker generation (Roll ID) – input, Output, Remaining RM roll, Opening. Info like Barcode, Wt, Width, Length, M/c info, Shift etc.

System Audit and Reconciliations

Reconciliation Statements and Performance Reports

Reconciliation Statements and Performance Reports for any period for each section between opening, receipts from store, production, movements and closing balances.


Production and WIP reports for all sections like Folding, Cutting and Inspection.


Production of All kinds of pouch, Shopping Bags. Track of Pouch Fitments also like Dori, Zipper, eyelets etc. Cover tape, Pull tape, Handle in case of WPP pouches.

Material Application

Multi Stores System

  • Individual Unit can have many stores.
  • Alternate Units of Measurement and Physical Variances.
  • Indents, Purchases, PO Amendments.
  • QC Inspections, Floor Rejections.
  • Quotation Comparisons from different vendors.

Stock Reserve Module

  • Specific RM Rolls to be reserved Work order wise.
  • Store Valuations based on FIFO/ Wt.Avg /Latest Price methods.
  • Stores MIS based on Levels, ABC, Cost Centers, Dept etc.
  • Returnable Goods, Job work Goods balancing.
  • Vendor rating analysis based on Delivery, Quality etc.

Sales Distribution

  • Order as per specific rates or User defined Price Lists
  • Dispatch documents like Excise Invoice 1, Insurance declarations , Chalans
  • All Excise Records, Monthly Returns and supporting statements
  • All Export Documents like Packing List, PI, Export Invoice, Shipping Bill
  • Bank Advise , ECGC Application and Returns etc.
  • Exhaustive Sales MIS based on Orders , Items

Finance and Accounts

Finance and Accounts with Sales tax, UP VAT, Haryana VAT, Delhi VAT, Excise, Service Tax, ADI Application Multi Unit System.

  • Individual Co. can have many Divs. and Div. can have multiple Units.
  • User defined Bank /Journal / Sales/Purchase Books.
  • User defined Vr. Series and authorizations for various categories of vrs.
  • Cheque Printing and Bank Reconciliation.
  • Exhaustive MIS related to AR and AP Modules.
  • On Line TDS deduction, Cost Center, Location based and Subsidiary based analysis.
  • Budgetary Control based on A/cs, Group of a/cs , Cost Centers.
  • Exhaustive Sales Tax Accounting for C Forms Pendency , ST 38 Utilization.

ERP Solution Benefits


Optimizes business Processes end to end.

Provided full integration of business partners (customers, Suppliers, Employees) Industry best practices inbuilt.

Future business needs faster access to information for the top management, Production managers.

Faster response to customers be it sending quotations, production status.

Low cost of ownership and fast return on investment.

Enhanced profitability and competitiveness. Enhanced company image.

Time saving of Production managers in making reports, Marketing team in estimating costs.

Controlled and accurate flow of data with formatted reports.

Master Files

1 How to create an Item  ( First MANUAL ) – 4 pg HTML with Paper indsutry examples  ( must see ) download ppt
2 Examples of Corrugation INK download ppt
3 Examples of Paper – Kraft Paper  download ppt
4 Examples of Paper – Duplex Paper download ppt
5 Examples of Paper – Packing Material  download ppt

Reel stores and stocks (Corrugation industry)

1 Identification Tags with reel  ( for SK 16BF Paper Reels )  download ppt
2 INSPECTION ( Inspection report – for Material inwards ) download ppt
3 Job Wise Reel Issue  ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt
4 MRR with reel qnty, and location ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt
5 Paper Receipt Value( with size and GSM ) ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt
6 PO Register Vendor Wise ( for SK16BF reels ) download ppt
7 Reel Receipt Note ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt
8 Reel Stock Reel Wise ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt
9 Reel Stock Summary ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt
10 Store Issue Register ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt
11 Store Issue Report ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt
12 STOCK LEDGER – Stock Ledger SK 16BF 2pg ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt
13 WORK ORDER : Corrugation – Factory order Work order filled up  download ppt
14 JOB CARD — Corrugation – Job Sheet with V and W specs  download ppt
15 Stores- Kraft Paper in Hand , closing stock value  download ppt
16 purchase requisition PR ( for SK16BF reels )  download ppt

Some more Stores / Stock Reports for Corrugation Industry 

1 Corrugated Box Finished production Report, also showing the PPM ( Part Per Million Rejections), FG — Production Daily and PPM 2pg download ppt
2 Items over Maximum level download ppt
3 min level report Items below the Minimum Level “Report”  download ppt
4 Stores – 4 colm – IN-OUT summary 14BF, 16 BF download ppt

PPC , Purchase Plan etc

1 Production Planning and Control ( PPC ) download ppt
2 Monthly consumption report ( NET ) – helps to control esp the consumables download ppt
3 PPC – Machine utilisation report download ppt
4 Paper – More Efficient Issue download ppt
5 Production less than 90 percent download ppt


1 COPQ and Reason wise analysis  download ppt

Sales Reports

1 Sony-Sales- Sch 5 day planning  download ppt
2 Sony-Sales-Sch vs actual-31 day    download ppt
3 Sony-sch vs actual for Jan 2010  download ppt
4 Customer wise prod status and loss status   download ppt
5 FG Stock ledger download ppt

These above are some of the special ERP Software developments for the  Industry

Recent News :Finsys World

Finsys has continuously evolved in these 25 years of its Growth since 1992, Some News clips of recent times. For news 2006 to 2015 click our News Archives

April 3, 2017

Garment Accessories Manufacturer, awards contract for Finsys ERP for its Plants at Noida and Manesar.

2017 April 15th : Garment Accessories Manufacturer, awards contract for Finsys ERP for its third Plant at Noida. They are Manufacturers and Exporters of Schiffley Embroidery Laces, Schiffley Embroidery Fabrics, Crochet Lace, GPO Laces, GPO Fabric Read More

March 24, 2017

New Order : New Plant of a Folded Cartons Manufacturer at IMT Manesar

Goes live on Finsys ERP. Linked to its Head office at New Delhi. and Mother Plant in Greater Noida. The Team at Head office at Ashoka Road, Delhi was happy that now they have the live control

March 8, 2017

Gas stove Manufacturer goes online for invoice data

Factory plus 7 depots on Finsys ERP. The modules of Purchase, Stores, Sales, VAT, Excise, Accounts went live before this. Good Work

February 2, 2017

Dun & Bradstreet Rating

Our International unique D&B D-U-N-S Number Is 67-692-0299 Our Current Rating : SE-2A Second Highest in India

February 15, 2017

An Indian MNC with operations in multiple plants across Asia selects Finsys ERP for its recently added plant

This plants makes Wooden Furniture. End to end Solution from Gate Entry to Invoicing. including Production WIP , Taxation and Accounts at Jaipur SEZ, Mahindra World City. ERP training started at Delhi HO

March 12, 2017

Toyota online CSV Based upload of invoice data on Toyota Extranet.

Integrated with Finsys ERP, for 7 important vendors of Toyota Kirloskar (who are already working online JIT on Finsys ERP).

Finsys Infotech Limited’s Packaging Industry ERP Manuals

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