GST : Goods and services tax in finsys erp


Finsys is working towards the big change called GST. We invite all Finsys clients to do their part of this important work. Following 7 Things to be done by Yourself:

  • Creation of State Master
  • Linking of GST No and Home State in Finsys Branch Master
  • Linking of Customer / Supplier GSTN No and State in Account Master
  • Creation of GSTN Rates Master
  • Linking of HSN Code in Item Masters¬†
  • Opening of CGST Payable / SGST Payable / IGST Payable / UGST Payable in Account Master in 07 Main Group
  • Linking of above Opened Account Code in Control Panel

Click here for the powerpoint on the topic

Powerpoint Part 1

File no 1

Powerpoint Part 2