Invoices do not need to restart from 00001 in GST

click here Invoice number do not have to restart from 00001 in GST Invoice Number restart from 00001 in GST ????   Short Answer : NO

Law says Consecutive serial number ………… Unique for a year

And, does it say that you have to restart from appointed date ? No

Excise Dept is going to cover the GST also ? Yes

In one financial year, can you logically have the same number again ? No (that will not be unique)

So, if somebody says for restart from 00001, he is going against the word “Unique for a year“

cheapest viagra in united states So, Answer : If you have Single plant / single depot, in one state, then there is no resetting to 0001. You will continue as such.

for Multiple Plants See this link : Click Here.

Invoices need to restart only for those clients, who had too many invoice series, and current system was not complying with law. here Click here for the Law.