Testimonials Dated 1st July

1st july 2017 marked the birth of GST in India. It was a day where on the stroke of midnight the Prime Minister and the President of India, in the parliament house started the growth for GST and all the client across India had to start their billing from 00:00 hours as per GST laws. Finsys has made adequate preparation for the same, had done series of disscussion , series of training, online sessions and got confirmation from the customer.  Finsys call centre was on, it was working almost throughout the night till 2:00 A.M. and then again from 5.00 A.M. onwards . All client went live successfully, 48 clients successfully confirmed that they made Invoices at the first night with in 00:02 A.M. mins.  First client has given his go ahead . I have been successful and so on . The good news kept coming in.

So we thank everybody.

Some of the testimonial are as follows :-

“Mr. Rajiv Malpathak “, “Nirmiti Precision, Nashik”

Great moment.

We have successfully migrated all our plants to GST regime within one hour of nation wide launching, Our sales have started without single minute interruption.Thanks for supporting all. Special credit to Prathmesh for great work.

Also very special thanks to Finsys team for continuous support.


“Mr. Amit Roy”, “SKHMM”

Thank you & your team support. Our 1st dispatch ready with new GST bill.